It takes a movement of moms to squash a powerful gun lobby.

Every mom is already an organizer, a multitasker, and a hero going into battle every day for the ones she loves. Learn how to use those skills to enact change, pass laws that save lives, and FIGHT LIKE A MOTHER!

About the Book

The inspiring story of how Shannon Watts went from stay-at-home mom to “the NRA’s worst nightmare.” What started as a simple Facebook group to connect with other frustrated parents in the wake of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, grew into Moms Demand Action, a national movement with millions of supporters and a powerful grassroots network of local chapters in all fifty states.

This incredible account of how one mother’s cry for change became the driving force behind gun safety progress will inspire everyone—mothers and fathers, students and teachers, lawmakers, and anyone motivated to enact change—to get to work transforming hearts and minds and passing laws that save lives.

Praise for Fight Like a Mother

“Too many mothers have been tragically impacted by gun violence, and yet they courageously turn their grief and frustration into action. I’m honored to fight alongside them, working in the Congress to pass effective. Commonsense gun violence prevention reforms, and I’m so glad Shannon Watts has written this book and provided a road map for other everyday activists to make a difference.”


Praise for Fight Like a Mother

“There’s never been more energy behind America’s gun safety movement than there is today, and Shannon Watts and Moms Demand Action are a big reason why. Shannon is fearless, and her story shows that change – even on the toughest issues – really is possible.”

- MICHAEL BLOOMBERG, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and three-term mayor of New York City

Praise for Fight Like a Mother

“There is nothing more powerful than a mother on a mission—and Shannon perfectly explains why. This mother has fought to lay the groundwork for one of America’s largest movements for gun violence prevention.”


Praise for Fight Like a Mother

“A page-turner, overflowing with moving stories as well as practical advice for those who are waking up to the realization that there is too much at stake to sit on the sidelines…. Shannon’s courage and down-to-earth approach radiate from every page, and the theme of finding her ‘soul sisters’ in her fight is as powerful as it is universal.”

- CECILE RICHARDS, former president of Planned Parenthood and New York Times bestselling author of Make Trouble

Praise for Fight Like a Mother

“Shannon Watts is a true activist for our time. After Sandy Hook, she channeled her despair and fury into action. Fight Like a Mother will inspire you to take an issue on and ultimately, change the world.”

- KATIE COURIC, journalist, New York Times bestselling author, cancer advocate, podcast host and documentary filmmaker

Praise for Fight Like a Mother

“Shannon Watts is the embodiment of an age-old story that never ceases to inspire: anyone, regardless of who and where they are in life, can create a paradigm shift. Even if change seems impossible. Fight Like A Mother is practical and personal; not only equipping you with the necessary and nitty-gritty tools to start a movement, but also the fearless mentality to do it now.”

- PREET BHARARA, former U.S. Attorney, host of the “Stay Tuned with Preet” podcast

Praise for Fight Like a Mother

“Shannon Watts’ fight is for her kids and all our kids. That fight animates her work with Moms Demand Action, her life and her wonderful book. In Fight Like a Mother, Shannon shows how she stewards this rocket ship of hope for those of us distraught by the epidemic of gun violence in our country through clear, disciplined approaches to movement building, volunteering, branding and deep gun violence data literacy. A great read!”

- CHELSEA CLINTON, New York Times bestselling author and Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation

Praise for Fight Like a Mother

“It’s encouraging to see someone tell the story that, sadly, has unfolded over and over again in this country—moms springing into action when their children are put at risk. This book has the potential to become a primer on how to activate the parent community and make change so we can see a better tomorrow.”

- SOLEDAD O'BRIEN, journalist, documentarian, news anchor, and producer

Praise for Fight Like a Mother

“Shannon Watts is proof that activism and community can actually change laws and lives. Fight Like a Mother is a brilliant call-to-action for anyone hoping to get off the sidelines and create meaningful and lasting impact.”

- SOPHIA BUSH, actress and activist

Praise for Fight Like a Mother

“The world needs angry women right now. It’s time we embrace the passion and action behind saying ‘enough is enough.’ Fight Like a Mother is a testament to the positive power of women’s anger and using it as an unstoppable force for change.”

- SORAYA CHEMALY, writer, activist, and bestselling author of Rage Becomes Her

Praise for Fight Like a Mother

“There is nothing more powerful than a mother’s love and there is nothing more terrifying than a momma bear protecting her cubs. Shannon and Moms Demand Action have revolutionized grassroots organizing; and they’ve successfully challenged and beat back one of the most powerful lobbying groups in DC: the NRA. This book is a guidebook to all who are looking to drive real and lasting change in their communities.”


Praise for Fight Like a Mother

“Shannon is an inspiration to every mom fighting to build a better, safer country for our kids. Her story reminds us that, together, we can be a powerful force for change – and that you should never underestimate a mom’s ability to get things done.”


Praise for Fight Like a Mother

“Have you ever thought you weren’t powerful enough to make a difference? Well, Shannon Watts is proof that one fiercely dedicated person can impact an entire movement. Fight Like a Mother illuminates how the very skills that we use daily as mothers are the exact skills necessary to take down the NRA. Shannon is my personal hero. Read this book and she will be yours as well.”

- DEBRA MESSING, actress, advocate, activist

About the Author

Get Inspired and Join the Movement! 

Shannon Watts is the founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America—the leading force for gun violence prevention, with chapters in all 50 states and a powerful grassroots network of moms that has successfully effected change at the local, state and national level. In 2013, Moms Demand Action partnered with Mayors Against Illegal Guns to form Everytown for Gun Safety, a nationwide movement of millions of Americans working together to end the epidemic of gun violence. She is an active board member of Emerge America, one of the nation’s leading organizations for recruiting and training women to run for office. Her writing has appeared in Vogue, Refinery 29, Time, The Washington Post, The Hill, and others. She is a mother of five.

Shannon will donate a majority of the books’ proceeds to nonprofits—like Everytown for Gun Safety—that are working to end gun violence.

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